Interface ColumnDefIf

Represents a column definition of one table column.


  • ColumnDefIf

Implemented by


classes: AreaObjectMapType<string[]>

Represents an object that maps an area to a collection of objects.

editInputPipe?: editInputPipe

Represents an edit input pipe.

editable?: BooleanFunction

Determines if a column is editable or not.


The variable to check.


  • Returns true if the variable is editable, false otherwise.
getEditRenderer?: GetEditRenderer

Retrieves the edit renderer for the column.





The element for which to retrieve the edit renderer.


  • The edit renderer for the specified element, or null if not found.
headerLabel: string

Represents the label for a header.

isVisible?: BooleanFunction

Determines if the column is visible or not.


  • If the element is visible, returns true. Otherwise, returns false.
maxWidth: SizeIf

Represents the maximum width of a column.

minWidth: SizeIf

Represents the minimum width of a column.

property: string

Represents a property name of the table row element.


sortComparator?: (<T>(a, b) => number)

Type declaration

    • <T>(a, b): number
    • Represents a function that compares two values for sorting purposes. The function takes two arguments of type T, compares them, and returns a number. If the result is negative, it means 'a' comes before 'b' in the sorted order. If the result is positive, it means 'b' comes before 'a' in the sorted order. If the result is zero, it means the two values are considered equal for sorting purposes.

      Type Parameters

      • T


      • a: T

        The first value to be compared.

      • b: T

        The second value to be compared.

      Returns number

      A number indicating the relative order of 'a' and 'b'.


      T The type of values being compared.

sortIconVisible?: BooleanFunction

Determines if the sort icon is visible.


Indicates whether the sort icon is visible.

sortState?: SortState

Represents the state of sorting for a list.

sortStatesOrder?: SortState[]

Represents the order of multiple sort states.

sortable?: BooleanFunction

Determines whether or not a column can be sorted.


Specifies if an item is sortable.


  • Indicating whether the item is sortable or not.
width: SizeIf

Represents the size of a column along the width dimension.

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