Class AreaModelCellGroups

This is the model interface for an area model. A table can have three of these models, one for the header, one for the body , and one for the footer. An AreaModelIf gives you information about the rows and cell contents. The column information is given by the TableModelIf.


  • AreaModelCellGroups




areaIdent: AreaIdent = "header"

The identifier for one of the areas: header, body, footer.

arr: (undefined | null | CellGroupExt)[][]
cellGroupExtCellRenderer: CellGroupExtCellRenderer = ...
columnDefs: ColumnDefIf[] = []
defaultRowHeight: number
gammaCells: boolean = true
groupExts: CellGroupExt[] = []
groups: CellGroupIf[]
rowSelectionModel: undefined | CheckboxModelIf<any>

A model and controller for a row checkbox selection


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