This is a default implementation of TableModelIf. Ths TableModel is on one hand a container for the header, body, and footer models (see : #getAreaModel, and #AreaModelIf), and on the other hand the master of the column information (#getColumnCount(), #getColumnWidth(columnIndex: number)).

If getFixedLeftColumnCount() returns a value greater than 0, a fixed west area will be rendered in the header, body, and footer. A value greater than 0 for getFixedLeftColumnCount() will result in the presence of an east area.

 |  header/west   |  header/center    | header/east  |
 |  body/west     |  body/center      | body/east    |
 |  footer/west   |  footer/center    | footer/east  |


  • TableModel



  • Parameters

    Returns TableModel


bodyAreaModel: AreaModelIf
columnCount: number = 0
columnDefs: ColumnDefIf[] = []
columnSizes: number[] = []
contentHeightInPx: number = 0
contentWidthInPx: number = 0
defaultRowHeights: DefaultRowHeightsIf = ...
fixedLeftColumnCount: number = 0
fixedRightColumnCount: number = 0
footerAreaModel: AreaModelIf
getSelectionModel: GetT<SelectionModelIf> = ...
headerAreaModel: AreaModelIf
overridingColumnWidth: number = -1
padding: Padding = ...
parentSize: number = 400
rowCheckboxVisible: boolean = false
rowCount: number = 0
xPositions: number[] = []


  • Retrieves the property key of the table row business object associated with the specified column index. It's only available when columnDefs are specified.


    • columnIndex: number

      The index of the column to retrieve the property from.

    Returns string

    The property associated with the specified column index.

  • Returns the total width of the side area identified by sideIdent.


    • sideIdent: SideIdent

      The identifier of the side area ("west" | "center" | "east").

    Returns number

    • The total width in pixels of the side area.
  • Retrieves the start and end column indices based on the given side identifier.


    • sideIdent: SideIdent

      The side identifier, which can be "west", "east", or "center".

    Returns [number, number]

    • An array containing the start and end column indices.
  • Recalculates the height and padding for the body area.

    This method retrieves the area model for the "body" area, and updates the rowCount property with the row count of the model.

    The contentHeightInPx property is then updated with the height of the "body" area.

    The method calls the recalcContentWidthInPx() method to recalculate the content width.

    Finally, the method calls the recalcPadding() method to recalculate the padding.

    Returns void

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