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Web Component


You can find it on stackblitz: stackblitz-guiexpert-table-webcomponents-simple.


Add the following NPM package to your existing project (run this in your project root directory):

Terminal window
npm install --save @guiexpert/table @guiexpert/webcomponent-table @guiexpert/demo-table-models

The third package @guiexpert/demo-table-models contains some predefined table models. It is not necessary in a real life project.

Add global table CSS

To add the global guiexpert CSS file in your project, you can include the file in the header of the index.html file:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

You will also find the main.css in the downloaded node module: node_modules/@guiexpert/table/css/main.css.

Create an example component

Create a component and include the guiexpert tag in the template of your component

import "./app.element.css";
import { TableModelAndOptions, TableModelIf, TableOptions } from "@guiexpert/table";
import { generateSimpleModel } from "@guiexpert/demo-table-models";
import { GuiexpertTable } from "@guiexpert/webcomponent-table"; // <-- our library
export class AppComponent extends HTMLElement {
public static observedAttributes = ["data"];
constructor() {
customElements.whenDefined('webcomponent-table-demo-root').then(() => {'webcomponent-table-demo-root defined');
customElements.whenDefined('guiexpert-table').then(() => {'guiexpert-table definded');
connectedCallback() {
this.innerHTML = `
customElements.define("guiexpert-table", GuiexpertTable);
const table = this.querySelector("guiexpert-table") as GuiexpertTable;
table.addEventListener("tableReady", (e) =>"table api:", (e as CustomEvent).detail));'table', table);
const tableModel: TableModelIf = generateSimpleModel(1000, 100);
const tableOptions = new TableOptions(); = (new TableModelAndOptions(tableModel, tableOptions));
customElements.define("app-root", AppComponent);

Be sure, that your div containers expands. Add this CSS rule to your component’s style.

#app {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
Read the docs Try it out Demo models on github